Assets search and acquisition
We search for land and locations based on the needs of each client, analyzing its potential, urban casuistry and manage its purchase in the client’s name respecting the anonymity if required until the operation has been closed.
We acquisition process includes the financial and real estate study, the appraisal and its potential value, supply and demand study, the due diligence, and the level of risk associated.

Disinvestments and Sales of Businesses
We prepare and execute the sale of businesses of determinate sectors, such as garages, gas stations, transport and tourism business, as well as undeveloped land by searching the right investor.
We start with an appraisal and design the sale strategy with the client to start the sale process, which includes finding the right investor, the due diligence, negotiation and closing of the operation.

Urban Audit and Master Plan
We assert the present situation of the asset and its real possibilities of development from different viable angles, administrative procedures to obtain the corresponding permits in compliance with the law. We also assert the risk and the profitability of the project.
Depending on the project, this service may include:

• Legal verification of the land ownership.
• Analysis of the land plot surface.
• Study of the urban planning regulations.
• Administrative permits, deadline and costs estimations.
• Organization and planning of the development process.
• Validation of its economic viability taking into account zoning laws and regulations.

Market Studies
We offer our clients detailed actual market studies for businesses such as gas stations, garages, real estate, hospitals, schools, resort as well as its forecast. We also customize studies adapted to the client’s needs.

Urban Management
We professionalize the urban development by taking measures that facilitate land development, leading and managing in the name of the owners the design, process and execution of the project, ensuring the fulfillment of the agreements reached by the ownership with the outmost impartiality and ruled by the principles of fairness and economic viability.

Our managing work not only handles the relationship with the ownership, but with the public administrations, service companies, technicians, and construction companies that intervene in the whole process.

Technical and Economic Viability Studies. Economic Assessments
We offer appraisal and valuation services for both land and business activities through a proven methodology that includes revenues, supply and demand, zoning laws, architectural, and engineering to help our clients in its decision process by knowing the risks and present state of the situation.