Comprehensive Engineering Service
DOYMO offers a comprehensive engineering and management service taking charge of all aspects, from planning until the construction execution of all sorts businesses and industrial facilities.

Facilities projects, firefighting, security and evacuation plans.
Our facility engineering include not only the project services but the construction management and implementation as well. We design security plans and evacuation studies of large public spaces and private venues to reduce to a minimum the risk.

Business Activities and Environmental Projects
Based on the analysis of the different environmental vectors (water, air, waste, noise) we develop projects and procure environmental licenses for all sorts of businesses activities to obtain the needed administrative permits to operate.

Technical and Economic Viability Studies. Economic Assessments
We offer appraisal and valuation services for both land and business activities through a proven methodology that includes revenues, supply and demand, zoning laws, architectural, and engineering to help our clients in its decision process by knowing the risks and present state of the situation.