Pedestrians and bicycle
We develop studies and projects to implement pedestrian zones and reduced speed areas based on security criteria and prioritizing versus other means of transportation and its repercussion in its surrounds.

Schools paths and child mobility
We design and project safe urban itineraries for municipalities that allow children to learn good pedestrian habits starting with signaling adapted to their capabilities and through the enforcement of new pedestrian safety measures.

Promotion of the bicycle
We design and project for municipalities the implementation of internal and external routes to increase the use of this method of transportation safely without colliding with other means of urban mobility to improve the environment and maintaining traffic safety.

Public Bicycle System
• Service planning and management studies.  We properly design the public bicycle servicer to allow municipalities to know the cost and specifications of this service to prepare its public tender.

• Public Bicycle Service Auditing and Customer Satisfaction and Quality Service Studies. We analyze and audit through our won methodology the quality of the public bicycle service in municipalities where the service is already available so the municipality and the concessionary company to propose improvements.